Xiamen Chongrui Aqua Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech water treatment company specializing in the design, construction, equipment R & D, production and sales of Marine Museum, aquaculture, aquarium, enterprise and University aquatic laboratory.

The company mainly engaged in the plant recycling water aquaculture system engineering, the aquarium and Aquarium engineering, the original water treatment system engineering, the high pool circulating water treatment system engineering and other related system technology, design, construction, installation, maintenance, and independent research and development and production of aquatic and Aquarium related equipment. At the same time, we have close cooperation with relevant enterprises and universities at home and abroad, and has rich experience in practice. we have a technical team composed of various professional talents, including the high-tech talents of various industries, such as mechanical, electrical, automatic control, water treatment technology, water quality monitoring and aquaculture.

The company provides a warm and considerate service for each customer: from telephone consultation, design plan, sign intention agreement, to site construction, every construction procedure, the company has the professional and technical personnel to strictly observe the operating rules, communicate with customers in a timely manner and establish customer files after completion. To improve the good after-sales service. The company has always been "Integrity-based, guests supremacy" as its purpose, dedicated to customer service.

Looking forward to the future, the company always adhered to the idea of innovation and development, and devoted itself to the R & D, design and manufacture of aquaculture and aquarium equipment. With "science and technology lead, innovation, sharing win-win" as the management concept, with advanced technology, perfect management, excellent service in the industry, with integrity, rigorous, realistic, innovative spirit for the users to provide all kinds of products and services.

The main products of the company: Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), water treatment system, aquaculture equipment, aquaculture system and system components, such as protein skimmer, foam separator, drum filter, bio-filter, ozone generator, oxygen generator, sand filter, water pump, UV sterilizer, portable water quality monitoring instrument, online water quality monitoring system, etc.