Chongrui visited Luoyuan Bay Ocean World once again

2023-01-20 09:46:41 published source:CAT-AQUA

According to the arrangement of Xiamen Chongrui Aqua Technology Co., Ltd., on April 20, 2020, Chongrui technical engineers once again went to Luoyuan Bay Ocean World to carry out a return visit to the Aquarium Life Support System Project to understand the actual operation of the system equipment. At the same time communicate with customers.

In Luoyuan Bay Ocean World, Chongrui engineers followed the person in charge of Ocean World to the background of the life-support system equipment for survey, inspection and guidance. At the same time, the members of our team also took a trip to visit Luoyuan Bay Marine World.
In the background of the life-support system equipment, Chongrui engineers carefully inspected the main equipment of the life-support system, commissioned some equipment links, and made recommendations for use and daily equipment maintenance matters to the staff, which ensured the equipment of the life-support system will continue to operate stably and efficiently.

After the overhaul of the back-end maintenance system, the staff and our team visited the tourist viewing area together. In front of them, there were colorful marine life. Everyone couldn't help appreciating the importance of the ocean life maintenance system. The staff there also expressed affirmation of the system, design quality, and business service quality of CAT-AQUA.At the same time,they were very enthusiastic to introduce the marine venues and creatures to us along the way.