Chongrui Factory Circulating Aquaculture of Striped Bass East China Demonstration Base was completed

2023-01-20 10:05:18 published source:CAT-AQUA

Our company maked full use of the advantages of patented technology and independent products to build a demonstration base for indoor seabass recirculating aquaculture.

The base has several areas for parental cultivation, incubation, seedling cultivation, and cultivation. Customers can intuitively understand the process flow, equipment layout and breeding effect of the circulating water breeding system here.

over arrangement

live support system

fish tank arrangment

 fry fatterning

At present, in the aquaculture industry, the recirculation aquaculture system(ras) is growing rapidly. The proportion of aquatic products produced by the circulation aquaculture is increasing every year, and it is also getting more and more attention from the state and the government.It not only enrichses consumers' dining table and reduce the marine fishing loads, but also can be used to save endangered species.Recirculating aquaculture is of great significance.
People from the breeding industry are welcome to visit!