Beijing Arthur Kingdom Ocean Park return visited

2023-01-20 21:21:56 published source:CAT-AQUA

Beijing Arthur Kingdom Ocean Pavilion is invested by Beijing Arthur Kingdom Ocean Paradise Co., Ltd., and it has 13 display areas, mainly including rainforest adventure, ocean restaurant, underwater exploration, performance theater, jellyfish maze, cute pet paradise, elven naughty castle, etc .

The aim is to create a blue polar ocean world integrating entertainment,science,education and other functions.More than 500 species of various marine organisms are raised and displayed in the museum.The goal is to build a regional tourism center with nearly 10000 tails of marine and freshwater ornametal fish,with the theme of the ocean theme park as the core, and the overall construction of a comprehensive tourism real estate project that is beneficial and complementary to the amorous commercial block.
The LSS life support system of Beijing Arthur’s Kingdom Aquarium was constructed by Shanghai Blue Lake Aquarium and uses the Chongrui brand life support system provided by Xiamen Chongrui Aquatic Technology Development Co., Ltd.
In May 2020, during the epidemic, company engineers and others conducted a return visit to the operation of the aquarium maintenance system equipment to ensure the stable operation of the maintenance system equipment.