2020 Xiamen International Aquaculture Exhibition is here! !

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2020 China Xiamen International  Aquaculture Exhibition
China (Xiamen)Smart Fisheries Green Development Summit
Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center,China August .7-9,2020
Xiamen Chongrui Aquaculture Technology Co.,Ltd
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One-stop recirculating water system scheme design manufacturer
Facing the future diversified recirculating water system

Xiamen Chongrui Aqua Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the scenic city of Xiamen, Fujian Province, and has factories in Xiamen and Guangzhou. It is a high-tech water treamentment company which professionally engages in the design, construction, equipment research and development, production and sales of projects such as aquarium, fish farming, aquarium and aquatic laboratory.

Xiamen Chongrui Aqua's main products: aquarium/factory circulating water system, integrated circulating water system, raw water treatment system, container aquaculture system and system components, such as protein skimmer, drum filter, bio-filter, UV Sterilizer, ozone generator, oxygen generator, sand filter, water pump, water quality monitoring system, etc.

Our company is mainly engaged in the system technology, design, construction, installation and maintenance of factory circulating water aquaculture system engineering, aquarium engineering, raw water treatment system engineering, high-position tank circulating water treatment system engineering, etc. Our company's technical team has professionals cover in various fields such as machinery, electrical, automatic control, water treatment technology, water quality monitoring, aquaculture technology, etc. It has patented research and development capabilities and production lines for recirculating water equipment, and cooperates closely with domestic and foreign related enterprises and universities,so we has a wealth of practical experience.

Xiamen Chongrui Aqua has always been "customer first, integrity-based" as its purpose and dedication to customer service. For each project undertaken by our company, our company provides customers with enthusiastic and thoughtful services: from telephone consultation, design plan introduction, signing of intention agreement, to on-site construction,.For every construction procedure, our company has professional and technical personnel strictly abide by the operating rules, we communicate with customers about every step in time, establish customer files after completion, and improve good after-sales service.

The products of Xiamen Chongrui Aqua have been successfully used in many varieties such as the cultivation of tilapia, African crucian carp, Russian sturgeon, grouper, salmon, North American and Australian lobster, golden perch, crab, Penaeus vannamei, four major fish, etc. and achieved a stable high-density, high output, short breeding time, no drug residues, and production conditions without climate restrictions. Today, our products and services have been used in many modern fishing grounds, as well as aquariums, universities, research laboratories, and our products are exported to many Asian, European, Middle Eastern, and African countries and regions. And the equipment company has maintained a long-term good cooperative relationship with us.

We firmly believe that the future will be a world where technology and ecology coexist harmoniously. Chongrui cooperates with partners to open up a more efficient and healthy aquaculture system, promote the comprehensive and harmonious coexistence of people to people,people and things,people and nuture, and create a world that is pollution-free, drug-free, efficient and safe food. The world provides people with greener proteins and promotes world progress.

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