Chongrui (CAT-AQUA) obtained another utility model patent certificate

2023-01-20 22:00:03 published source:CAT-AQUA

Recently, shortly after obtaining the patent certificate for the aquaculture circulation system, the container-type recirculating aquaculture system developed by our company was granted the utility model patent right by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The patented product provides a container-type recirculating aquaculture model, which relates to the field of aquaculture. Including water treatment unit and container-type breeding tank unit. The water treatment unit includes a fixed frame, a power pump, a drum micro-filter, a protein skimmer, a nitrogen removal reaction tank and an electric control box. The water treatment unit adopts a design in which a complete set of recirculating water treatment system is integrated in the container box to achieve the purpose of simultaneously providing recirculating water for multiple container-type breeding tanks. The system is different from the existing single fish pond equipped with a simple treatment system structure design, which overcomes the existing aquaculture's dependence on the pond culture environment and the natural environment, and at the same time achieves an efficient water exchange mode with multiple equipment circulation filtration, free from the environmental impact and destruction like external natural disasters.

In recent years, the company has focused on strengthening our enterprise technologically and has always regarded technological innovation as the core driving force for sustainable development, the company has continuously increased its investment in innovative technologies and patent mining, and actively developed innovative products. The successful authorization of this patent shows that our company has innovation strength and intellectual property protection awareness, which laid a solid foundation for expanding new business in the future.


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