CAT AQUA won the invention patent of "multi-pond linkage fish pond structure"!

2023-10-12 17:08:41 published source:CAT AQUA

According to the China National Intellectual Property Administration, in July 2023, CAT AQUA's "A Aquaculture Fish Pond Structure with Multi-pond Linkage" passed the examination and was officially granted an invention patent!



The invention patent of "multi-pond linkage fish pond structure" granted this time is composed of different functional areas and equipment such as aquaculture fish pond area, water treatment and purification area, sewage collection well, and sewage collection treatment tank outside the pond. Through the rational allocation of pond area, equipment such as circulating power pumps are used to stir up the water body and drive the water flow to the planned water treatment and purification area.

First of all, the mobile biological bed process is used, relying on the air system for aeration and agitation of the water body, so that the water body of the upper, middle and lower aquifers are all stirred, and according to the types and scale of waste deposited in different water layers, different collection and sewage discharge methods are adopted, so that the traditional pond water body can also achieve efficient and dead-end sewage collection like the factory circulating aquaculture system.

Secondly, it can ensure that fish live in high dissolved oxygen flowing water for a long time, and effectively improve the survival rate, yield and production efficiency of fish.

Finally, the collection of excrement and residual feed and other pollutants of farmed fish with higher efficiency and speed fundamentally solves the problem of eutrophication and pollution of aquaculture water, effectively reduces the incidence of diseases and the use of drugs, increases the safety of aquatic products, and thus meets the dual requirements of efficient aquaculture and ecological environmental protection.