The cultivation difficulty of the biofiltration system has been achieved by CATAQUA !

2024-04-25 11:22:30 published source:CATAQUA

    Last month, there was good news from the National Intellectual Property Administration. The "Device for Cultivating Bio-treatment Bacteria" (Patent No. ZL20232311109.4) applied by CATAQUA has passed the examination and officially obtained a utility model patent!



    The bacteria cultivation device is divided into two main components: the bacterial population cultivation pool and the operating platform above it. Local cleaning soil can be cultured in the bacterial population cultivation pool; the operating platform is equipped with ventilation and dosing devices for observation and cultivation operations, with the ventilation and dosing devices connected to the bacterial population cultivation pool.

    Through this "Device for Cultivating Bio-treatment Bacteria," CATAQUA has come up with a new approach, which is to:

    Utilize this device specifically designed for cultivating bacterial populations to pre-culture nitrifying bacteria in the device, ensuring long-term uninterrupted cultivation of nitrifying bacteria, as well as seed preservation operations after cultivation completion, ensuring that the bacterial population can be used as needed.



    Furthermore, after the bacteria cultivation is completed, it can be transferred to the biofiltration system, reducing the cultivation time from 1 to 2 months to just a few days, thereby accelerating the bacteria cultivation speed of the biofiltration system and shortening the start-up time of the entire recirculating aquaculture system.



    Moreover, compared to the large scale of conventional biofiltration systems, this "Device for Cultivating Bio-treatment Bacteria" is compact in size and easy to transport. Farmers can cultivate suitable nitrifying bacteria based on the hydrological environment of their location and introduce them into the filter tank at the appropriate time.

    Most importantly, the "Device for Cultivating Bio-treatment Bacteria" can operate independently from the main recirculating aquaculture system. This means that the bacteria cultivation and fish farming processes can be carried out simultaneously. Once a season of farming ends and the biofiltration system is cleaned, the bacterial population cultivated in the device can be seamlessly introduced into the biofiltration system without waiting, ensuring a smooth transition to the next season of farming!

    This highly efficient bacteria cultivation strategy not only enhances the efficiency of farming and operations but also makes multi-season recirculating aquaculture no longer a luxury. Importantly, this device significantly reduces farming costs for farmers, thereby enhancing the competitive potential of recirculating aquaculture species and increasing farmers' farming profits.